Safe Accommodation

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Pet Friendly

We are happy to welcome your pets in rooms and with dedicated services designed for the well-being of your pets and to make them feel pampered as if they were at home.

An extra charge for cleaning is required and we provide water and food bowls, a bed or cot and a blanket.
We also offer pet walking, pet sitting and pet grooming services on request and for a fee. In case of need, the hotel can contact the vet H24. 

The presence of pets must be reported at the time of booking so that we can assign you a suitable room and arrange dedicated services.

Some simple rules

  • medium-sized pets up to 20kg are allowed;
  • in common areas, pets must be kept on a leash or in their cage;
  • pets cannot be left unattended in the rooms;
  • guests are responsible for any damage to property and/or persons caused by their pets.