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Sustainable KM 0 Spending

Sustainable KM 0 Spending

The La Fraternità Onlus Social Cooperative, together with the farm "Coltivare Fraternità, " works to avert the risk of marginalisation of the most fragile people. Through its educational and socio-occupational centres, the non-profit organization allows people who come to the Cooperative to participate in work, domestic and manual activities and in art, sports and music therapy workshops.

These activities include the integration of people into the world of agriculture, a world that is both educational and therapeutic. Taking care of the land means learning to take care of the environment around us and its products. For this reason, only products and fertilisers of natural origin are used and constant crop rotation is respected. Phi Hotels has always promoted programmes to valorise the region and local suppliers. The Group has chosen to purchase from "Local To You" the fruits and vegetables of "Coltivare Fraternità", for Phi Hotel Emilia's food services. We do this because we believe in the value of cooperation, zero-mile shopping and social agriculture.